Polished London Whitening Paste and Mouth Cleanse Set

Polished London Whitening Paste and Mouth Cleanse Set

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Exclusively developed by leading UK cosmetic dentists, our award-winning glistening silver Whitening Paste and unique Mouth Cleanse deliver the most luxurious dual whitening and oral care experience, with results that you’ll want to share!

  • Clinically proven
  • Active whitening formula
  • Glistening Silver Whitening Formula with Zero Sensitivity
  • Advanced Stain Removal & Anti-Stain Shield
  • Alcohol-Free



x 1 75ml Whitening Toothpaste
x 1 250ml Mouth Cleanse

Safety Advice:
Not suitable for anyone under the age of 16. Products should only be used as directed and are
not to be swallowed. Please check the ingredients list if you have known allergies.

Directions – Whitening Paste
Brush twice daily for 2 minutes

Directions – Mouth Cleanse
1. Shake bottle to activate micro-particles
2. Rinse around mouth for 1 minute